ELMA KPI allows you to improve your company’s productivity by controlling key indicators and evaluating employee performance. ELMA KPI is a BPM application included in the basic configuration of ELMA BPM.

ELMA KPI application

consists of three tools:

  • KPI management – create a KPI structure, collect up-to-date information and control KPI values
  • Performance management  – create performance matrices for employees on the basis of their actual performance and results
  • Goal management – link organizational goals, company’s performance and the employees contribution to these goals.

These three tools are closely connected with each other and form a convenient means for the companies that do not operate with large amounts of data, but at the same time, need to manage their operating performance.



KPI tree


KPI Managment

The first step is to build the company’s KPI structure. ELMA KPI allows you to create a KPI tree exactly as you see fit.

With ELMA Designer you can create a model and specify the rules for collecting plan and actual values.

With respective access permissions, users can see the KPI tree and check any of the available KPIs in ELMA Aplicacin Web.


Perfomance Managment

The second step is to tie employees’ activities to the KPI plan values.

A Performance Matrix determines how the employee performance depends on the company’s KPIs. You can create a performance matrix for each employee.

The employees performance rating changes along with the KPI values. The performance is measured as a percentage from 0 to 100%. The important thing is that you can track the employee performance online!

On the basis of these values ??you can easily develop an incentive program for your company.

Manager’s performance matrix

Goal Management

Goal Management

You can go even further. The goal management tool allows you to bind the company’s goals, the KPIs and the employees’ performance, relying on the goal maps.

To manage your company’s goals, take the following steps:

  • Set the goals for the period
  • Tie KPIs to the goals
  • With interactive maps, monitor the measures that were taken to achieve the goals
  • Performance matrices allow you to tie each employee’s contribution to achieving the goal.

Process KPIs

The simplest KPI that ELMA collects automatically is an employee schedule compliance. It shows the percentage of tasks an employee completed within a period. This statistics can be easily incorporated into the employee performance matrix.

The performance matrix can also include any other KPIs of business processes.

Schedule compliance



ELMA KPI for iPad

ELMA KPI for iPad

ELMA KPI offers a performance management mobile application for executive officers. It provides all the necessary tools in a convenient form and is available on App Store.

ELMA KPI app for iPad does not overload you with excessive data, providing only the information relevant for timely decision-making.

The main page displays current values of all indicators in the system, as well as performance of those employees who have performance matrices.

Convenient navigation features make all the Aplicacin Web functions available on your tablet.

ELMA KPI for iPad contains indicator pages. That enables you to receive detailed information on the current value, statistics over a period and the employee responsible.

The application also includes fully functional employee performance matrices.

What Do I Start With?

Performance settings vary, you can configure any set of elements. However, it is better to start with a simple one and continuously improve, by adding new indicators, making matrices more complex. Complicated models are likely to fail, because it is difficult to take all the details into account beforehand.